0.8.23 Release

We are proud to release Elektra 0.8.23.

In 717 commits 11 authors changed 835 files with 31144 insertions(+), 21773 deletions(-).

What is Elektra?

Elektra serves as a universal and secure framework to access configuration settings in a specified, global, hierarchical key database. For more information, visit https://libelektra.org.

For a small demo see here:


You can also read the news on our website


Notification: New transport plugin

To keep persistent configuration settings in sync with the configuration settings of applications, notifications are needed. For notifications it is important that they do not block the execution of the applications. In Elektra we achieve this using transport plugins.

Elektra's notification feature has received its first transport plugin pair: D-Bus. Transport plugins provide a link between applications using Elektra. These plugins send and receive notifications when a key is modified within the key database. The existing dbus plugin has been modified to use an asynchronous I/O binding for sending messages, if available. The new dbusrecv plugin is responsible for receiving messages sent from the dbus plugin and other sources with the same message format.

For more details see the notification tutorial or the example applications.

Thanks to Thomas Wahringer.

Web UI greatly improved

The goal of the Web UI is to provide safe and unified access to all configuration settings of a system. Different to other UIs, it generates its interface according specifications as found in Elektra.

For example, if a configuration setting only has a number of choices, you get exactly these choices within the user interface.

To get outstanding usability, Web UI now provides:


Read here to get started.

Note that new version of the Web UI requires Elektra 0.8.23 or later.

Thanks to Daniel Bugl.

Overhaul of Build System and Daily Stretch Repository

We started to overhaul our build system to improve build times and responsiveness. It focuses heavily on containerisation to improve hardware utilization.

If you are interested in #devops have a look at our Jenkinsfile.

Daily builds Debian packages for Stretch are available again in our stretch repository. Add it to your sources.list:

deb     [trusted=yes] https://debian-stretch-repo.libelektra.org/ stretch main
deb-src [trusted=yes] https://debian-stretch-repo.libelektra.org/ stretch main

Thanks to Lukas Winkler.

Other New Features

We added even more functionality, which could not make it to the highlights:

Other News


We improved the documentation in the following ways:


As always, the ABI and API of kdb.h is fully compatible, i.e. programs compiled against an older 0.8 version of Elektra will continue to work (ABI) and you will be able to recompile programs without errors (API).

We removed:

We changed:

Shell scripts:

Notes for Maintainer

These notes are of interest for people maintaining packages of Elektra:

We added:

We removed:


The website is generated from the repository, so all information about plugins, bindings and tools are always up to date. Furthermore, we changed:

Notes for Elektra's Developers

These notes are of interest for people developing Elektra:


Many problems were resolved with the following fixes:


Elektra Initiative are the people behind Elektra. Our goal is to build up expertise with configuration settings and improve the situation in the FLOSS landscape. To learn more about the needs of configuration-wise non-trivial FLOSS applications, we have workshops. After a successful workshop with the LCDproc's maintainer, the next Workshop will be with people from KDE.

We will use the opportunity of Akademy being in Vienna. We already got positive feedback from kconfig maintainers (David Faure and Aleix Pol).

If you are interested, you can sign up. We are looking forward to an informative, interactive and interesting workshop!


We are currently working on following topics:

Get It!

You can download the release from here or GitHub

The hashsums are:

The release tarball is also available signed by Markus Raab using GnuPG from here or GitHub

Already built API-Docu can be found online or GitHub.

Stay tuned!

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For any questions and comments, please contact the issue tracker on GitHub or Markus Raab by email using elektra@markus-raab.org.

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For more information, see https://libelektra.org

Best regards, Elektra Initiative