Elektra  0.9.8
kdb-plugin-info(1) – Print information about an Elektra plugin


kdb plugin-info <plugin> [<clause name>]

Where plugin is the plugin in which the user would like to know information about.
The optional clause name argument can be used to just print information from a certain clause.


This command will print out all the information about an Elektra plugin except it's configuration.
This command will also print out any functions that are exported by the plugin.
Information about a plugin will be read from system:/elektra/modules/. If the information could not be located there, such as when a plugin is not mounted, the module will be loaded dynamically and then the information will be requested directly from the plugin.
If a user wishes to load the information directly from the plugin, they can force that by using the -l option.


This command returns the following exit statuses:

  • 0:
    The command was successful.
  • 1:
    A clause name was specified but not found.


  • -H, --help: Show the man page.
  • -V, --version: Print version info.
  • -p, --profile <profile>: Use a different kdb profile.
  • -C, --color <when>: Print never/auto(default)/always colored output.
  • -l, --load: Load plugin even if system:/elektra is available.
  • -c, --plugins-config <plugins-config>: Add a plugin configuration.


To print all the information about the dump plugin:
kdb plugin-info dump

To print out the license of the resolver plugin directly by forcing it to load:
kdb plugin-info -l resolver licence

To print out the author of the line plugin:
kdb plugin-info line author